Klibel 5 Volume 2 – Business Papers


Table of Contents




Bil. Paper Code Title Authors Pages
1 BUS_4 Visual Rhetoric As Persuasive Response In Public Service Announcement Print Advertising Toward Malaysia Socialculture Nur Safinas Bt Albakry and Associate Prof. Dr. Ghazali B. Daimin 1-6
2 BUS_10 Assessing Flexible Working Policies In Terengganu: A Theoretical Framework Of Work-Home Interaction Azlinzuraini Ahmad; Khatijah Omar; Ahmad Munir Mohd Salleh @ Embat; and Nur Diyana Abdul Aziz 7-18
3 BUS_13 Development Strategy For Smes Through Product  Differentiation And Government Regulations With Working Capital As Moderating Variable : Case Study In Semarang City Indonesia Fatmasari Sukesti;Nurhayati; and Abdul Karim 19-26
4 BUS_15 Factors Affecting Firm Value:Theoretical Study On Public Manufacturing Firms In Indonesia Moeljadi and Triningsih Sri Supriyati 27-41
5 BUS_16 A Study On The Influence Of Motivational Factors On Staff Intention To Leave In An Educational Industry Christina Rathy A/P Anthony Samy 42-58
6 BUS_19 Tawhidic Paradigm And Organizational Policy And Strategy Practices Suhaimi Mhd Sarif 59-69
7 BUS_21 Impact Of Hostel Students’ Satisfaction On Their Academic Performance In Sri Lankan Universities: An Empirical Study In Two Universities In Eastern Province

Mansoor and MAM. Hussain Ali

8 BUS_23 The Influence Of Organization Structure, Work Environment And Motivation On Politeknik Lp3i Bandung Widiya Avianti and Oom Sri Hendari 80-86
9 BUS_25 The Brand Building : Developing Brand Asset Valuator And Brand Association( Empirical Study On Traditional Snack Food In Indonesia) Dani Dagustani; Dr.Herry A.Buchory; and Mutia T. Satya 87-100
10 BUS_30 The Effect Of Entrepreneurial Social Costs And Entrepreneurial Failure Learning On The Entrepreneurial Restart Intention Le Quan; and Ta Huy Hung 101-117
11 BUS_31 Measuring The Differences Of Cost Of Production: A Study On Boro Rice Farming In Bangladesh Md. Akram Hossain, Ph D;Shaikh Moksadur Rahman, Ph D; and Md. Mahbub Alam 118-132
12 BUS_37 The Rayon Office  On Of Sub District, So The Head Of Rayon Office Receipt Part Of Authority Delegated From Sub District, And The Sub District Receipt Part Of Authority Delegated From The Local Government. Bambang Sudaryana 133-138
13 BUS_40 Antecedent And Conequence Of Internal Auditors Job Satisfaction And Organization Commitment Endang Pitaloka and Irma Paramita Sofia 139-151
14 BUS_42 Strategic Human Resource Management And Sustainable Competitive Advantage: The Role Of Dynamics And Innovation Capabilities Endang Pitaloka Hamdi Harmen 152-161
15 BUS_44 The investigation on process management in websites and E-tourism marketing Leila Moradi; Ibrahim Mohamed; Yazrina Yahya; Maryam Kazemi Zahrani; and Meisam Karami 162-171
16 BUS_A1 Prediction Of Bankruptcy In Indonesia Islamic Capital Market Lela Nurlaela Wati Ilza Febrina 172-181
17 BUS_A2 Online Waqf Acceptance And Determinant  Factors Muhammad Ahmad Mardziyah Binti Mohd IsaRizal Palil Noor Hashimah Dolah 182-190